Once I started having contractions for labor,I began to listen to music and also chat with my little sister to take my mind of the labor pains.I played the music with my phone. My mother asked me where will you like to keep your phone when it is time to push? I replied by saying I will send it to the labor ward and still play my music whilst pushing. Time passed and the time for strong contractions came. I went into the car forgetting that I even had a phone.

My mum run to the car to give me my phone, but I was too much concentrated on the pain that, I did not want to see my phone any more. Just after my delivery I wanted to have my phone to take pictures of my little one and also to share the joy with my friends, but it was at home. My mum laughed her heart out when she came to see me. She asked I thought you said you will listen to music in the labor ward, what happened?

Any way the music, walking around and chatting with friends during my first stage of labor really relieved me of pain and had a safe delivery. Now my baby is old enough and wondering what story I will have to tell after my next delivery.How did you manage your labor pains?
Happy May day to all workers.