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WaCHAG Pregnancy School successfully launched

Health Education is key in reducing maternal and child mortality.

How soon should I visit the hospital?

We are often faced with this question. How soon should I visit the hospital when I realise I am pregnant? The answer is immediately you miss your period or know you are pregnant. There are many benefits of visiting the hospital as soon as possible. There is early...

WaCHAG Pregnancy school

The hope of every mother is to have safe delivery without complications,but in Africa, the least said the better. More than 90 percent of maternal deaths worldwide occur in Africa. We at wachagghana, believe that change is possible. Education is one of the key factors...

Preeclampsia – Leading cause of maternal deaths in Ghana

Preeclampsia is one of the leading causes of deaths among pregnant women in Ghana.


At church a  young nanny saw a baby who was having breathing difficulty. She saw how the child struggled and suffered to breath. She immediately told a nurse who was also present at the church to attend to the child. Surprisingly the parents of the child did not know...


During pregnancy many physiologic changes do occur in the body of the woman, some of these  changes do not pose a threat to the woman or the developing fetus. There are others that will need immediate and prompt care to prevent complications. Below are some of the...

Anemia During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Anemia is a medical condition in which there is not enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues in the body. When the tissues do not receive an adequate amount of oxygen, many organs and...

Implantation bleeding and how to recognize it

IMPLANTATION BLEEDING AND HOW TO RECOGNIZE IT Many inexperience young women mistakes implantation bleeding to be miscarriage at the early stages of their pregnancy. #WaCHAG-Ghana will like to throw some light on what implantation bleeding is all about and how to...

Me and my phone

Once I started having contractions for labor,I began to listen to music and also chat with my little sister to take my mind of the labor pains.I played the music with my phone. My mother asked me where will you like to keep your phone when it is time to push? I...

Maternal Mortality

Its high time we see maternal and child mortality as something that should never occur in our society, especially in AFRICA . Let us all get interested in issues that will help prevent maternal and child mortality. Lets not wait until it comes around..Lets be the...
watch out

Childbirth is the the joy to every household and family,,,, but one has to wait for a period of 9 months to welcome that lovely kid who will bring joy to de family

But hey!,, its a journey of 9months
Have you thought of how to protect the protect yourself and the unborn baby?

Or do you know the Do’s ans donts in the 9 months period?
What to look out for before choosing a place for delivery?
For answers to these questions,, join me Midwife Ruth sally as I unfold all you need to know about pregnancy and child birth on ” 9months”,. On “9months” we address issue contributing to still birth and maternal mortality,,, remember you can also join in the discussion by commenting on the issues being discussed.

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